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The One Video Every Company Needs (and How to Make it!)

As content production becomes increasingly important for communicating your company’s value, many businesses are beginning to implement video into their strategy. There are a ton of places where video can add value to your business (including 3 I wrote about in this article), but you might be asking yourself, “Where’s the best place to start?” A universally important video that your business should tackle early on is a 2-5 minute branded “About Us” piece that shares your story. There are three reasons why adding this video to your website is better than just the copy and photos alone:

-By seeing interview footage, your customers get a better sense of your personality and can see that you know what you’re talking about, which increases your trustworthiness.

-Customers will have spent more time on your website engaging with your brand, which means that they’ll remember you instead of your competitors.

-Between the additional time spent on your website and the native presence of videos, your ranking will improve on search engines.

Now that you know what you’re after (and why you’re after it), let’s go over the 3 stages of production and what to expect when shooting an About Us video:


In Pre-Production, we figure out the details of your shoot. This style of video is extremely templated, featuring an interview with your founder, CEO, or another key figure in your company Our goal in pre-production is to determine your message and work backwards to either form a script, or, if you want a more unscripted feel, a series of questions to ask the interviewee. A few examples might include:

-What products or services do you provide?

-What inspired your founder to start this business?

-What do you take pride in?

-Why should a customer choose you over your competitors?

-Can you tell a story about a particular job where your experience was crucial?

-What do you love about the work you do?

-What does your company aspire towards?

-Where is your company headed?

The audio from the script or interview forms the narrative backbone of the video. While we’ll see the speaker or speakers a few times throughout the finished product, most of the dialogue will be covered by visual accompaniments, called “B-Roll”. B Roll can typically include beauty shots of products, behind-the-scenes or on-the-job footage, office tours, or drone shots of your facility. Motion graphics can also be used to convey complex technical ideas or data. If the video is scripted we determine these visuals in pre-production. If we’re shooting interviews, we typically recommend knocking out the dialogue first, then condensing the interviews down to the best sound bites before returning to shoot B Roll based on those sound bites. It’s a little bit more of a process, but this style of video comes off as more authentic and less rigid.


Production will vary depending on the number of interviewees, the scope of the B-Roll, and number of other parties involved. You can expect to spend anywhere from a day to several days shooting. In general, the more time we spend shooting, the higher the quality of footage (and the pickier we can be about which shots to include). Budgeting 2 hours for an interview instead of 1 will give your producer more time to stage and light the area. Shooting B roll at 2 separate locations over 8 hours instead of 1 location over 2 hours means a greater variety of visuals and more options to work with. The scope of production is usually determined before a project outline is presented, but it’s not out of the question for details to shift during pre-production.


With all of the raw footage in hand, your producer can now move on to the editing stage. The interview will be condensed to its most salient points and the most relevant B-Roll will be chosen to tell your story. This is a process of drafting and revising, so don’t be afraid to speak up if you need details changed. Music, fonts, and visuals should all be considered in addition to the overall message of your video.

A branded video can take the “About Us” section of your website into the 21st century and give your customers a better look at who you are. Ready to get shooting? Click here to schedule a free consultation with Lightly Salted Production!

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