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Content Rewarded by Curiosity 

How do craftspeople turn raw materials into art? How have people been positively impacted by nonprofits? Where’s the best backdrop in the city for a heavy metal music video? 


Curiosity leads us to some of the most interesting and memorable moments of our lives. It can spark conversation, encourage growth, and broaden our horizons. 


Visual storytelling is a fantastic way to inspire curiosity. I went to college for Music Business, where I found an endless stream of people with cool stories to tell. Some of my earliest projects involved documenting bands and artists, utilizing the power of video to connect people to music.


That same spark of curiosity led me to interview and shoot process videos for a ton of craftspeople and visual artists in the Rochester community after graduating. I also found myself volunteering for nonprofits and creating documentary-style stories that outlined how their lives had been transformed. 

As the years have gone by, I’ve had the privilege of working with some awesome clients and telling the stories of some truly amazing people. I'm fascinated by the relationship between revenue & creative services and I love telling the stories of nonprofits, businesses, and artists. I still make music in my spare time and love that my work often overlaps with my passion. Helping other businesses reach consumers online is what I live for. Curiosity still plays a consistent role in my process, helping me to peel back the most interesting and important parts of the story and engage with whatever subject we’re working with. It’s extremely cool to be in the room when a client watches a video and falls back in love with the work they do. 


If you’re considering a collaboration with Lightly Salted Production, I welcome the opportunity to learn more about what you do. Let’s tell your story!

-Sean Healey (owner, Lightly Salted Production)

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