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3 ways that video can grow your business

As the internet has matured, the demand for content has spread like wildfire. Businesses have leveraged photos & copy to educate and present themselves to customers for decades, and video content is becoming utilized more frequently as an enhancement for digital marketing. Below are 3 approaches to video that you can utilize to flesh out your online presence and grow your business.

Branding- One thing that makes every business unique is the story of how they came to be. A 3-7 minute, documentary-style video showcasing your leadership, your origins and your purpose is an excellent center point for your website’s “About Us” section. This is a great way to build rapport with prospective customers. Instead of just seeing company headshots, your customers can get a better sense of your personality and what your business stands for.

Substitution for an in-person experience- The pandemic put a major dent in on-site visits and in-store purchases. Institutions had to postpone or cancel tours of new spaces. Consumers spent even more time on their phones, which meant that they spent more time consuming content. By creating product demos and virtual tours, you can reach your customers or patrons from anywhere.

Social Media- This is an obvious one, but absolutely worth mentioning. Social media channels have become the most convenient way for customers to window shop. Videos are a great way to show demos, announce a new product, or go behind the scenes. There are a ton of formats and styles that you can use for social media, so context is important. If you’re an independent contractor installing HVAC units or doing home remodeling, consider making a behind-the-scenes video at your next job, so your customers know what to expect when they hire you. If your business sells products, your best bet is a little more straightforward- make videos that showcase your product!

Interested in video production, but not sure where to start? Visit our contact page to request a free consultation with Lightly Salted Production. We'd love to hear from you!

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