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Content Creation for Blue Collar Businesses

In recent years, blue collar companies have turned to digital marketing to grow their businesses. Websites and social media are a great place to publish photos and videos of your work, which can have multiple benefits. You’re building familiarity by showing your customers your face and personality. By showing your job process, you also set expectations. Home remodeling? Expect dust! HVAC installation? Expect a couple of hours without AC! Content also engages your customers to keep your name top-of-mind, and signals to Google that your site is full of rich, useful information, which improves SEO.

So, are you a blue collar worker looking to improve your online marketing? The best way to authentically present yourself is by documenting while on the job. The easiest way to get professional-looking content is to hire a content creator to join you on your next job, but you can get started on your own if you’re feeling scrappy. A $20 tripod and your phone are plenty to get started. Here are some ideas for content you can easily make yourself:


Set up your shot on your work area, then get to it! This is a great way to show a whole day’s work in just 10-15 seconds. To show as much as possible, set your phone up in the corner of the room that's opposite from where you'll be working.


Consumers love photos before/after photos that show them exactly how you transformed their space. Additionally, professional headshots on your website help establish familiarity and trust.

Vertical Video

Tik Tok has become wildly popular, to the point where Instagram has poached their in-app video editing feature to create Reels. In 2022, Instagram prioritizes Reels over other types of content. You’ll want to shoot all of this content vertically, so it takes up as much of a phone screen as possible when people are scrolling. Break the work you do into steps and show off a step with each shot.

Brand Video

A video on your website's "About Us" page lets people learn the history of your business and what services you provide. Even just hearing you talk about your work helps reassure people that you know what you’re doing.

Documenting your work while doing your work can be a pain, but the content you make tells the story that younger consumers want to hear. It’s that story that will get them to pick up the phone or shoot you an email. If you’re interested in partnering with a content producer to take digital marketing off your hands, click here to schedule a free consultation with us!

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